Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7th Annual Female Sale

Our big sale is only a couple days away now. The crew is busy getting the sale barn ready and the cattle looking their best. John has his cell phone permanently attached to his ear, but that isn't really anything new! lol

As you can see if you are reading this that we have had a website renovation! I think it is fabulous! I look to this blog as a way to communicate the happenings of the ranch and our lives on it. Exciting? Not really, but our families might like it!

This is a super busy time and in all the activity, it's hard not to notice the absence of Mullen everywhere. Mav and Maguire are being a great help, but isn't the same without our Mully. We remember him when we water the flowers, ride the four wheeler, and see the show barn bustling.

So, even though this sale is bittersweet, we are anxious to have all of our Angus friends in Lodgepole for some food, good Angus Cattle, and fellowship!

"Always grateful for the Miracle of Mullen!"