Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flood of 2010

Well I suppose a flood at the ranch deserves some blog time and it is a chance to post some photos.
Everyone on the ranch is fine. We had time to take cattle to higher ground and move some supplies. No one imagined it would be as powerful and invasive as it was, but for all intensive purposes, we feel very lucky!
The water rushed the outside of all of the houses, but didn't cross the thresholds into the homes. The fences weren't as lucky, as they were the catchers of debri and branches. The barns and out buildings were a couple feet deep in water, so they are a muddy mess to say the least. Branches, logs, railroad ties, moss, rocks, and what not cover the place.
But, we've got a crew of the hardest workers I know, so we'll have this place put back together in no time!
Pictures will hopefully follow - as soon as I get it figured out! lol

Thank you for your many prayers and support!

"Always grateful for the miracle of Mullen!"

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